A project aimed at improving the networking between maritime clusters and developing the innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Mediterranean, especially in the Adriatic and Ionian Seas to the Black Sea.

Six countries are participating in the project under the coordination of the Italian maritime technology cluster (Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Albania, Romania and Croatia).

Project activities are implemented within the framework of the EU's integrated maritime policy, and will enable:

  • Exchange of good practices for cluster management and business sector development mainly for small and medium enterprises

  • Orientation of maritime clusters and / or regional centers of competence to the introduction of blue innovations

  • Intensified intensive networking among stakeholders in the countries participating in the project


Project activities are carried out through dialogue with public institutions and raising awareness of problems in maritime affairs and the blue economy.

As a result of the BlueNET project, the cluster network will be a powerful engine of economic growth and a driver of innovation, providing a fertile business environment for businesses, especially small and medium-sized ones.

This will facilitate cooperation with research and academic institutions, the public sector, civil society, suppliers, customers and competitors in the wider region, and will enable synergies based on their own competitive advantages.