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Tender tCat-750 was originally custom built for a cruising company Grand Circle Cruise Line headquartered in Boston. Respecting the customer's requirements, the tender was built with exceptionally powerful engines and a foldable sunshade cover, allowing the boat to unload the MV Clio safely. The boat is 7,5 m long, it can transport 25 passengers and achieve a speed of more than 30 knots

By combining 340 HP engine and 340 waterjetes, this small boat achieves a speed of more than 30 knots in just a few seconds. With a capacity of 25 passengers at a high speed, it is possible to transport passengers from cruisers to the shore in a short time and transport them back.

Maximum speed
tCat 750 has the spacious comfortable interior that can seat up to 25 passengers providing them enjoyable memories. tCat-750 provides the opportunity of comfortable and easy transport.tCat-750 provides various possibilities, such as: service and support to other boats, people and equipment transportation, short school and tourist excursions, fishing and diving boat. Foldable bimini sunshade covers the whole deck, protecting the passengers from the blazing sun and detachable rain covers are serving as rain protection.



Iveco N60 ENT M37, 243 kW @ 2800 rpm (light duty). Tank capacity is 320 l, with sailing autonomy of 150 Nm.

Water jet

Castoldi Turbodrive 340 H.C. with Transmec cardan shaft. Waterjet provide sailing in shallow waters with outstanding maneuverability at all speed. Easy handling and docking with 360° thrust ability at zero speed.

Bow thruster

Vetus BOW35 with 35 kgf for comfort docking.

Sailing all of the seas

Built as a tender for MV Clio, it’s sailing all seas of the world under the Cyprus flag. Equipped with the required safety and navigation equipment, the class transfer enables navigation under any flag.

Easy delivery

With its compact dimensions, it can be delivered by road or by sea within standard transport. In this way, transport to the end customer does not represent additional costs and makes this vessel a competitive product.m.

Enjoy the silence

babyCat is a composite catamaran designed for short excursion lines, urban passenger transport and various tourist activities.

Step in to the future

iCat is a technologically superior catamaran created by the collaboration of iCat, the University of Zagreb, Končar Institute and other associates..

Tender boat

tCat-750 is an excellent tender boat for large passenger ships, with a great potential for a quick tourist transfer to nearby beaches or other guests transfers.


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