Design and consulting in maritime sector

Constantly developing new projects, promoting innovative technological solutions


We are constantly developing new projects, promoting innovative technology solutions. In the maritime sector we provide services for designing and producing classification, shipyard and technological documentation. Any new watercraft projects, conversion or alignment of existing facilities will provide you with a turnkey service.


Project list:

  • Project „skid“ the structures of the permanent power supply of the oil drilling tower for the company HELB
  • Design of measuring gear „jack-up“ platform Labin for the company HELB
  • Launching calculation for ships Caranx i I-BOX 6400 for the shipyard LEDA
  • Creation of shipyard documentation of cargo and passenger lifts on cruiser „Harmony of the Sea“ for the shipyard LEDA
  • Documentation reconciliation for the pier PO3-VK for the Port Authority Vukovar
  • Documentation reconciliation for the boarding ramp on the ferry Novo Virje 1 for the Municipality of Novo Virje
  • The alignment of the mooring point attachment system in Jasenovac and Nova Gradiška for the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Republic of Croatia
  • Calculation of the stability of the floating crane for the company Brodska Posavina
  • Adaptation of Aljmaš and Batina pier for the Port Authority Vukovar
  • Modification of TO-4502 cargo space for the company Felix regulacija


By creating links between science and the economy, we aim to strengthen the maritime sector. We provide services for investment studies, business plans and consulting in the maritime sector.


Project list:

  • Project Intermodal for the City of Šibenik - Development of Indicators Study, Best Practice Studies, Studies on Urban Mobility Needs. Within the study, identified the existing challenges of sea transport of the City of Šibenik, conducted market research, and developed the concept of Šibenik ship lines.
  • The UrbEco project for the City of Šibenik - a cooperation service on the identification of vessels for the carriage of passengers and vehicles, integrated in the model of the Šibenik ship lines.
  • Technical consultancy in the tender for the procurement of vessels for marking the waterways, for the Agency for inland waterways.
  • Surveillance of the construction of the vessel for marking the waterways, for the Agency for inland waterways
  • Feasibility study of investments, including definition of technical characteristics of vessels, equipment and infrastructure for marking of waterways, for the Agency for inland waterways.


We provide ultrasound measurement of sheet thickness on inland waterways, as an authorized service company of the Croatian Register of Shipping. The measurements are done with the latest Krautkramer DM5E, which has the ability to measure sheet thickness over the paint. This device shortens the required measurement time and does not damage paint, as opposed to older generation devices that require pre-grinding counts at the metering points. The measurement procedure with this device is simpler, faster and cleaner, and does not require any subsequent metering remediation.


Project list:

  • Ferry "Podturen", location Podturen
  • Ferry "Miklavec", location Miklavec
  • Skela "Novakovec", location Novakovec
  • Dredger "Jegeniš", location Đelekovci, Jegeniš
  • Working pontoons "OK-28/OK-29", location Nemetin, Osijek
  • Ferry "Husinja", location Brodić
  • Ferry "Novo Virje", location Novo Virjev
  • Ferry "Mekiš", location Mekiš
  • Dredger "Ciklon Duo", location Srbac
  • Dredger "Kristijan", location Bosanski Dubočac
  • Dredger "Hrastovljan", location Martijanec
  • Floating plant "Berky", location Jarun
  • Pontoon "PO-7-VK", location Osijek
  • Public ship "Vučedolska Golubica", location Vukovar
  • Boat "Čača", location Lokve
  • Floating plant "Sava“, location Slavnoski Šamac
  • Pier "PO4501“, location Slavonski Šamac
  • Pier "PO4502“, location Slavonski Šamac
  • Dredger "Sv.Juraj", location Slavonski Šamacv
  • Pontoons "Felix regulacija", location Slavonski Brod
  • Floating plant "Dinara 1", location Varaždin, Kruševice
  • Public ship "PSO16", location Vukovar
  • Boat "RH-285-OK", location Vukovar
  • Dredger "Vuk“, location Bosanski Dubočac
  • Ferry "Križnica“, location Križnica
Enjoy the silence

babyCat is a composite catamaran designed for short excursion lines, urban passenger transport and various tourist activities.

Step in to the future

iCat is a technologically superior catamaran created by the collaboration of iCat, the University of Zagreb, Končar Institute and other associates..

Tender boat

tCat-750 is an excellent tender boat for large passenger ships, with a great potential for a quick tourist transfer to nearby beaches or other guests transfers.


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